Portland Jewelry Symposium 2017

Portland Jewelry Symposium Ad and Program Designs

Design work for the 2017 Portland Jewelry Symposium. On the left is a print design for magazines and flyers. The middle and right design are for the program book that was given to each attendee at the event. The middle image is the outside of the booklet and the right image is the inside. The client wanted Mount Hood to be included in the imagery. 


Ancha Space Technologies

Logo Design for Ancha Space Technologies

The left and middle logos are design by me for Ancha Space Technologies. The right image is a screenshot of their twitter. You can find more information about them and their amazong work on their site ancha.space

A logo design for a student organization in Turkey developing space technologies. This project was pretty open ended, but I knew they were working with rovers and other technologies and wanted to incorporate that into their logo. I also included Morse code AST in stars as a nod towards their engineering work similar to that of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They had done a similar idea in the Curiosity Rover's wheels. The colors were kept simple and fun and able to be used as a black and white logo if needed.  



Conservation Advisors LLC

Logo design for Conservation Advisors LLC in Florida. 

Conservation Advisors LLC provides consulting services throughout Florida to landowners, real estate investors, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. I wanted to show those elements within the logo. The client asked for specific animals be used within the design.



NASA Social - The Twilight Zone Design

Logo design for NASA's Seattle Social Aug 9th, inviting guests to explore their Twilight Zone Exports Mission. I wanted to keep the idea of Twilight Zone weirdness in with the image but still keep some of the accurate science. I decided underwater ghost ship that has a pod of floating seagliders along side of it would be a good fit for that. The small dots throughout the background is incorporated in the Twilight Zone logo but it also shows what the mission is also researching, Carbon within the water.

"Social media users are invited to register for a behind-the-scenes look aboard our ocean laboratories on Thursday, Aug. 9 in Seattle before scientists set sail for the northeastern Pacific Ocean later this summer. As a part of NASA’s Export Processes in the Ocean from Remote Sensing (EXPORTS) oceanographic campaign, scientists will investigate how carbon makes it to the twilight zone and deep ocean interior, and how long it stays there, which is vital to understanding present and future ocean ecosystems and global climate. For more information about the mission, visit http://oceanexports.org/.

This logo was designed as a promotional piece for the social. Stickers will be handed out as well.


Oceans Melting Greenland

O.M.G. Mission Redesign

The Oceans Melting Greenland logo was created in response to the team asking for art to be created. This is a redesign (Middle) of their original logo (Left).

"Global sea level rise will be one of the major environmental challenges of the 21st Century. Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) will pave the way for improved estimates of sea level rise by addressing the question: To what extent are the oceans melting Greenland’s ice from below? Over a five-year campaign, OMG will observe changing water temperatures on the continental shelf surrounding Greenland, and how marine glaciers react to the presence of warm, salty Atlantic Water. The complicated geometry of the sea floor steers currents on the shelf and often determines whether Atlantic Water can reach into the long narrow fjords and interact with the coastal glaciers. Because knowledge of these pathways is a critical component of modeling the interaction between the oceans and ice sheet, OMG will facilitate improved measurements of the shape and depth of the sea floor in key regions as well."

I came up with another design but ultimately redesigned it to this.  I wanted to create something that portrayed their mission while still being fun and drawing in the view to ask more questions. This doesn't tell the entire story unless you know all of the details of the mission but it leaves it open to questions about it. Like what is the parachute holding and what are they doing? What do they mean by 'Oceans Melting Greenland' etc.

This is now being used as promotional art for the team for talks, events and pitches. It has been used as stickers, posters and in slides. 



Twitch Stream Buttons

Doctor Sung Twitch Stream Buttons

I was asked by Tupper Ware Remix Party's Doctor Sung to create some graphics for his Twitch stream channel. He had a general idea on what he wanted and I made sure to keep to the theme of the band. He is a huge fan of NASA and science so I incorporated a similar font NASA used to use.


Tour de Force

NSP 2018 Tour de Force Line Work

I was brought on to collaborate with another artist for the Ninja Sex Party 2018 Tour design they would use for posters, shirts and promotional pictures. I was in charge of creating the vector line art while Arthur Doyle was in charge of colors and text. It was a great experience collaborating with another artist and navigating our styles to work together. 

Far left is the original linework. 2nd from the left is the final collaborated image.  The two right ones are examples of the design being used , one as a t-shirt and the other displayed at the Playstation Theater in New York.